Truth table generator

A powerful tool to generate propositional logic truth tables.


Enter your statement of propositional logic with the help of the buttons. At the moment, only five propositional variables (p,q,r,s,t) are available. For more information on how to correctly enter the utterance in the generator, see the section "How to correctly use the generator?". Once you have entered the statement, choose the type of table you want (True/False) or (1/0), and click Generate and it will automatically create the truth table, if the you want to save you can download it as png.

How to correctly use the generator?

If the statement is not entered correctly, the program will not understand it and will not process it properly. Make sure that the propositions and connectors are correctly placed according to the rules of propositional logic, and also make sure that the parentheses are correctly placed. The parentheses are very important, since they establish the order in which the program has to start operating, if they are not put correctly the program will skip steps or it may not generate the table correctly. If you try the following examples, you'll see that although they contain the same elements, the second one doesn't work because it doesn't have all the necessary parentheses:

  1. ((((p⇒(q∧r))∧(s⇒(¬r)))∧(s∨t))∧p)⇒t
  2. (p⇒(q∧r)∧(s⇒(¬r))∧(s∨t)∧p)⇒t

Logical operators included in this generator

  • ¬ - Negation
  • ∧ - Conjunction
  • ∨ - Disjunction
  • ⇒ - Conditional
  • ⇔ - Biconditional
  • ⊕ - Exclusive disjunction

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