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A powerful tool to generate propositional logic truth tables


Introduce logical sentence with aid of the keys. At this moment it is only available 5 propositional variables (p,q,r,s,t). More information how to introduce properly the sentence in the generator, go to area "How can I use properly truth table generator?". Once you have introduced your sentence, choose type of table you want (True/False) or (1/0), and click Generate and automatically truth table will be created. If you want to save it, click to download as .png.

How can I suse use properly truth table generator?

If sentence is not introduced properly, program will not understand it and will not process it properly. Ensure propositions and connectors are well placed according to propositional logic rules. Also, ensure that brackets are well introduced. Brackets are very important because they setup the order in which program starts to operate. If they are not properly introduced, program will jump steps or may not generate truth table properly. If you check following examples, you will find that altough they have same elements, second one does not work because it does not have all necessary brackets:

  • 1º - ((((p⇒(q∧r))∧(s⇒(¬r)))∧(s∨t))∧p)⇒t
  • 2º - (p⇒(q∧r)∧(s⇒(¬r))∧(s∨t)∧p)⇒t

Logical operators included in this generator

  • ¬ - Denial
  • - Conjunction
  • - Disjunction
  • - Conditional
  • - Biconditional
  • - Exclusive disjunction

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