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The perfect online stopwatch to measure time, it measures to the thousandths! ⏱ You can also track how much it costs you to travel a distance with the lap button.


Click Start to start timing, or Reset to reset the timer to 0. Stop or continue as needed. Click on Lap to add a mark. You can also make the stopwatch text larger or smaller, and even make it full screen

What can I use it for?

You can use it to measure how much it costs you to travel a distance, to cook, to study,... I mean! For anything that involves a measurement of time! You also have up to thousandths of accuracy.


The word chronometer comes from Greek. It is made up of Cronos (Khronos), god of time, and metron (measurement). If you want to know a bit of history about this device, we invite you to visit this link.

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