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Online chronometer perfect to measure time, it measures up to thousandths! ⏱ Besides you can follow up the time to walk a distance back with button Lap.


Click Start to begir, or Reset to reset chronometer to 0. Stop or continue when you need it. Click Lap to add a mark. Also you can makee bigger or smaller text in chronometer, or even to display full screen to click which is in right column(not available in mobile version).

What can I use it for?

You can use it to measure a distance, cook, study,... So, for any activity you need to measure time! Besides it is exact till thousandths!


Word chronometer has its origin from greek. It is formed by (Khronos), God of the time, and metron (measure). If you want to know a bit more history about this device, we invite you to visit este link.

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